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Cut out the pattern pieces

Place the pattern over your latex sheeting and use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut it out.

Glue the front to rear

Use latex adhesive to glue the front section to the rear section at the crotch.

Glue the legs to front

Adhere the left leg section on the side labeled "attach to front" to the front section. Repeat for the right leg section.

Glue leg to rear

Fold over the left leg. Fold the front / rear piece up. Glue the inner leg seam. Glue the leg section to the rear section.

Test for fit

Wait 24 hours, then put on the shorts to test for fit. You can trim the waist if it comes up too hight, or plan to glue the waist band to create more height if the waist sits too low.

Glue the waistband

Starting at the middle of the rear and leaving for a 1/4 inch overlay, glue the waistband to the shorts. We recommend using a heavier gauge sheeting for the waistband. EG: If using .35mm for the shorts, use .50mm for the waistband.

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