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Cut out shirt pieces from pattern

The fastest way is to place your pattern paper over your material and use a rotary cutter to cut through both.

Mark middle of shirt front

Measure and then mark the middle of the shirt front. Cut the shirt front in half. This is where your zipper will attach.

Trim & rubberize zipper

Trim off the top of the zipper. Apply 2-3 thick coats of adhesive to the zipper to 'rubberize' it. This ensures it will adhere to the latex.

Glue the zipper

Apply glue to the zipper tape and the front shirt seam. Leave the shirt on your table and work the zipper down the seam. Do not lay the zipper on the table and work the latex down the zipper. This is to ensure the latex does not stretch and will ensure a nice flat finish.

Attach the shoulder seams

Glue the shoulder seams starting from the neck and working toward the shoulder.

Glue the sleeves

Glue the sleeves to the shirt. Start at the middle of the shoulder and work your way outwards from there. Trim any overage if the ends do not match up.

Glue the side seams

Start at the ampit seam and work your way up and down the shirt from there.

Allow seams to cure

Give your seams 24 hours to cure and get strong, then ENJOY your new creation!

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