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Zippers make getting into and out of latex garments much easier. Latex doesn't always glide across the skin so easily, so it is imperative with tight fitting garments to use zippers. Plus, they add to the professionalism and quality of a well crafted garment. They can also be used for bags, purses, packs, etc. Below are steps that follow the narration of the video.

Coat the zipper with adhesive

Apply 1 heavy coat of ammonia based adhesive or 2-3 coats of the solvent based adhesive to both sides of the zipper. You want to rubberize the zipper tape (the fabric part of the zipper) so that you can adhere it to the sheeting. Be careful not to get any adhesive in the teeth of the zipper.

Cut zipper stabilizer pieces

Cut 2 strips of latex sheeting 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch shorter than the length that your zipper will extend in your garment. Cut 1 peice of latex 1/4 inch wide and 1 inch long.

Cut slit for zipper in garment

Cut a slit in your garment that is just wide enough for the teeth of the zipper. Use a ruler as your guide with rotary scissors to ensure a perfectly straight cut.

Glue zipper to garment

Apply 1 thin coat of adhesive to your zipper and 1 coat to the garment. Let the seam fall onto the zipper, following closely with a soft application of your finger. Once the seam is glues to the zipper, roll over the seam with heavy pressure - this ensures a strong bond.

Glue the stabilizer peices

Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the bottom of the slit you cut in the garment. Glue into place the 1 inch long insertion peice of sheeting. The point of this piece is to prevent tears from occurring at the corners of the slit. Next, apply a thin coat of adhesive to 1/4 inch the zipper tape and 1/4 on the garment bordering the zipper tape. Apply a thin coat of glue to the 1/2 wide zipper insertion peice. Start just below the zipper and work your way to the top of the garment gluing the insertion piece half to the zipper and half to the garment. Repeat for the other side of the zipper.

Trim and finish

Trim the excess zipper tape and insertion strips from the top of your garment. Finish gluing together your garment. Zip, unzip, and enjoy!

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