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Cut out the Dart

Cut out your dart just as you would with a normal pattern. Make sure that at the very tip of the dart, you cut a 1/4 inch slit such that there is no gap between the dart seam.

Cut a Dart Insertion Piece

The difference between working with traditional fabrics and latex, is that when we make a dart with latex we will not sew the seam of the dart together, we will glue it together using a seperate peice of sheeting. Cut out a triangular shaped piece of sheeting similar to what you see in the video that will extend 1/3 of an inch past the beginning of your dart.

Bring the Dart together

This is the hard part. You want to bring the dart seam together such that the two sides are touching each other but not overlapping. On the back side of the seam your dart insertion peice will be holding it together. Therefore, you must press the seam together at the same time you roll the insertion piece down the backside. Apply adhesive to both the dart insertion peice and your seam where the dart insertion peice will attach to it and then give it a go. Patience is key. Take your time and go slowly.

Form fitting latex

Latex clothing doesn't have to be made with straight lines for ultra skinny people with no curves. We can use traditional methods from sewing to make latex garments give a better fit. Best of luck, and remember: practice makes perfect.

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