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Unlike typical fabrics, latex sheeting comes in varying guages of thickness. MJTrends offers thicknesses of latex rubber ranging from .20mm to .80mm. Below are some different applications that we recommend for the various thicknesses.

.20mm to .40mm

Thinner latex sheeting is more stretchy, less stiff, and also less durable. .20mm and .30mm are good for appliques, lingerie, and items where more stretch is preferred. .30mm to .40mm can also be used for bike shorts, shirts, latex tank tops, and other related fashions.

Due to the extra stretch in the thinner guages some people also prefer .30mm for catsuits.

.40mm to .60mm

Thicker latex rubber sheeting is good for items that require more durability, stiffness, and strength. As illustrated in the video, the stiffness does not lend itself that well to certain fashions that require drape. We recommend the following for this thickness range: pants, catsuits, vests, purses, bags, light upholstery.

Although we typically recommend lighter weight latex for lingerie, we have seen bra's made from .50mm latex sheeting and due to the extra stiffness they work quite well for support.


.80mm is quite thick (a U.S. dime is 1mm thick) and great for corsets, vests, jackets, bags, purses, overalls, and other heavy duty applications.

User preference

While the recommendations here are guidelines to get you started, what you choose for your particular use is as much about form and function as it is about personal preference. Experiment and see what you like!

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