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Step 1: Gather your materials

  1. Mens y-front brief pattern - custom to your measurements
  2. Latex sheeting in 2 colors
  3. Latex glue
  4. Gloves
  5. Seam roller
  6. Rotary Cutter
  7. Cutting Mat
  8. Latex shine
  9. Scrap paper (to keep glue off your working surface)
Supplies for making mens latex underwear

Step 2: Cut out the pattern pieces

Place your pattern on top of your latex sheeting, and cut out the various pattern pieces using a rotary cutter on top of a cutting mat.

** When you cut out the trim pieces, add an extra 1/2 inch to the ends - if it's too long you can always cut away the excess, but if it's too short, you'll have to cut a new piece. **

Place brief pattern on top of your material
Place pattern on top of your material
Cut out brief pattern
Cut out the pattern pieces
Pulling up cut-out piece

Step 3: Glue front trim to front section

  1. Place the front section on your working surface and then layout your front trim pieces on top of it to ensure that everything comes together properly.
  2. Mark the location of the trim pieces on the front section.
  3. Brush on glue to the front section where the trim will go. Make sure that the glue is slightly wider than the trim.
  4. Starting at one end, adhere the trim to the glue. Working slowly down, and making micro-adjustments as you go.
    • Try not to stretch the trim as you adhere it to the rear section.
  5. Press the trim to the front section using your seam roller.
    • Use as much pressure as you can.
    • Roll at a 45 degree angle to the trim.
Lay trim over the front section of the briefs
Layout front trim before gluing
Glue the front trim
Glue the front trim

Step 4: Remove any excess trim

Use your rotary cutters to trim off any trim pieces that extend beyond the edge of the briefs.

Cut excess trim
Cut any excess trim

Step 5: Glue rear trim to rear section

Brush on glue to each of the areas where the rear leg trim will go. Make it slightly wider than the width of the trim

Glue the rear trim
Glue the rear trim
Work your way down slowly
Technique for applying the trim

Step 6: Glue the front to the rear

Brush on glue to both the rear and front where the seam will come together. Use a 1/4 inch width seam.

If the seams don't match up perfectly, carefully trim the overage with your rotary cutter. If the seams are off by more than 1/4 inch, gently pull them apart and start again.

Use a 1/4 inch seam
Glue a 1/4 inch seam
Adhere the front to the back
Adhere front to back at side seam
Apply pressure to the seam
Apply pressure to the seam

Step 7: Glue the crotch

Brush on glue 1/4 inch wide to both sides of the crotch seam. Adhere the crotch seam together. Using your seam roller, apply as much pressure as possible to the seam.

Glue the crotch seam
Glue the crotch seam
Apply pressure to the seam with latex seam roller
Apply pressure with seam roller

Step 8: Wait 24 hours

Give the glue 24 hours to cure and then celebrate! You've just created a pair of custom mens y-front latex briefs!

Mens latex y-front briefs
Rear of mens latex y-front underwear

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