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Cut out the pattern pieces

Place the pattern over your fabric and use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut it out.

Stitch the front to left rear

Place the front section on your workspace with the shiny side facing up. Place the left rear with the shiny side down, on top of the front section (so they are shiny side to shiny side). Stitch the front to the left rear.

Stitch front to the right rear

Do the same as the previous step with the right rear section.

Stitch down the seams

For a professional look, and to keep your seams flat, stitch down the excess fabric on the left and right of the seam.

Check for fit

Try on the skirt to ensure you are happy with the fit. You can either pin the rear, if you have a friend close by - have them help by pulling the skirt together while it's on you.

Sew the waistband

Sew the waistband to the skirt and as an option, sew interfacing to the inner side of the waistband to add stiffness and a more polished inside to the skirt.

Stitch the rear zipper

We use a brass separating zipper, sewn up with the seperating end at the top of the skirt. This gives you the ability to unzip the rear from the bottom up to allow for more legroom.

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