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Needle and thread

Choose the location where your button will go. Thread your needle and then fold the thread in half. Tie a knot at the end. Pull the thread through the backside of the fabric through a button hole until the knot catches. Repeat threading through the button hole, criss crossing into each different hole as you go, until you have made 4 loops.

Wrap the shank

Thread the needle from backside to frontside but this time do not go through the button hole (push the needle so it goes to one side of the button). Your thread and needle are on the front side of the garment at this point. Wrap the thread 3-4 times around the existing thread that is underneath the button. This is called the shank. The purpose of doing this is to raise the button slightly up from the fabric. This will help keep your garment buttoned by providing some space for the button to rest on top of the button hole fabric.

Create the button hole

Follow your sewing machines directions and place your button in a button presset foot. Set your stitch setting to the appropriate setting. Create your button hole.

Open the button hole

Using a seam ripper, carefully cut open the button hole making sure not to rip any of the stitching.

Test & repeat

Give your button a test and repeat for the other buttons you require.

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