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Latex sheeting does not naturally have a high gloss shine. It comes with a light powdering that prevent it from sticking together. To get a shiny look you have to apply a latex shine to the sheeting.

There are 3 types of latex shine typically used:

  • Spray Shine
  • Pjur Brand Shine
  • MJTrends Home Brand

Spray Shine

Spray shine comes in an aerosol can and is applied by spraying it onto the garment. It's consistency is much thinner than Pjur or our home brand. One of the dangers of spray shine is that gets on the floor where you are working and makes it extremely slick. Similar to walking on ice - but slicker! When using spray shine you also have to constantly reapply it every few minutes because it evaporates quickly. MJTrends does not currently offer spray shine for latex sheeting due to the drawbacks of the product.

Pjur Brand Shine for Latex Rubber

Pjur is a manufacturer of personal lubricants and also has a specially formulated product just for latex sheeting. We offer their Pjur latex shine in two available sizes: 30ml and 100ml. Their shine is thicker than the spray shine and can be applied directly to the skin for assistance in slipping garments on and off.

MJTrends Home Brand

MJTrends offers our own line of shine for rubber sheeting. It is thicker than than Pjur and can also be applied to the skin. Because it is thicker it will last longer than the Pjur. Consistency is a matter of personal preference - some people prefer the Pjur brand and others prefer the home brand.

Applying Shine

Applying shine to latex sheeting is a very easy process. Dribble a bit of shine in your hand and rub it thoroughly over the garment. It is even better if you have a friend do it!

Enjoy your creations and shining them up. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please email us at: sales@MJTrends.com.

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