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Cut out the pattern and your fabric.

Place the pattern over your material and use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut out the pattern pieces.

[Optional] if you want trim at the armholes and legholes, cut a 1 inch wide section of trim the appropriate length.

Sew side front to center front

Sew the left side front to the center front with the vinyl side of the fabrics together. Repeat for the right side - sew it to the center front section.

Sew collar

Pin the front collar to the front section and sew - removing the pins as you go. Pin the rear collar to the rear section and then sew.

Mark / Cut for rear zipper

Measure the length of your zipper and mark where it will end on the bodysuit. Use your rotary cutter to cut the opening for the zipper. Use your thread snips to make an angled cut (45 degrees) at the bottom of the zipper opening.

Sew Zipper

Fold the material under, pin the zipper, and then stitch the zipper in place. Set your sewing machine stitch length to 0, set it to a zig-zag stitch 5-10 stitches at the bottom of the zipper.

Sew shoulder seams

Stitch the shoulder seams, matching up the collar seam lines perfectly as you sew.

Stitch trim

Fold trim over the edge of the armhole / leghole, and stitch as close as possible to the inner edge of the trim. Trim away excess trim from the inside of the garment.

Try on for fit

Before stitching the crotch together, try on the garment for fit. Make any adjustments as necessary.

Stitch crotch seam

Sew the rear to the front at the crotch.

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