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Cut out the pattern and your fabric.

Place the pattern over your material and use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut out the pattern pieces.

Stitch the inner leg seams

Fold the leg section in half and stitch the inner leg sections for both the right leg and the left leg.

Sew Crotch Seam

Starting at the center front, work your way to the rear stitching the middle of the shorts together. Pay special attention to the leg seams and make sure they match up perfectly as you sew over them.

Sew a waistband

Using a stretch-stitch, fold over the waist by about 3/4 an inch, and sew a stretch stitch running along the top of the waist.

Hem leg openings

This is an optional step, as vinyl will not fray, however you can fold under the leg openings and sew a stretch stitch to finish the leg openings.

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