Blog Launch!

BY admin on August 9, 2010

The MJTrends blog has finally launched!  Here are the types of articles and news that you can expect to read:

  • Fashion opinions, news, and creative ideas.
  • Updates to our product offerings.
  • New functionality to our website.
  • Polls related to giving you a better experience.

To get things rolling, we’ll cover what we’ve been up to lately.  We have a series of new tutorials in the queue including:

  1. How to apply a latex applique.
  2. How to use buttons with latex sheeting.
  3. Cyber fashion how-to’s with our metallic vinyl fabric.
  4. Using 4-way stretch vinyl to make a simple lingerie piece.

You can look for these to start launching this fall.  This summer we have been uber busy working on creating new content to help you create.

We’d love to hear your ideas for new tutorials.  Drop a comment here or send us an email: and we’ll put your idea in the running for upcoming fashion tutorials.

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