Steampunk fashions & brown faux leather

BY admin on August 16, 2010

Steampunk fashion can be described as neo-Victorian, a blend of Victorian aesthetic with modern accouterments.   Some also take it in the direction of retro-futurism.  Call it what you want, we’ve seen some extremely creative and mind blowing fashions and creations come out of this genre.

Faux leather turkish arab vest.To the left is an example of a turkish leather vest and matching pleather pants that could be made from our brown faux leather.  Other elements to note are the armband, wrist warmers, and leather bracelets with straps.

Part of the fun with making steampunk fashions is the embellishment.  There is definitely a focus on the detailing and functional (or seemingly functional) aspects of the garment.

Steampunk leather bollero jacket.To the right is a brown leather bollero jacket shown on top of a cream lace dress with detailed corset.

Notice the brass buttons – they add a sense of history and a touch that fits perfectly with an older era.  Lace is a good accompaniment to leather, and other more masculine fabrics.

The gathered shoulder puffs also contribute a more feminine touch to brown leather.  The high neck collar gives it a somewhat militaristic or perhaps ‘strict’ image.

Taken all together and you get an aged rough look with historical touches combined with softer elements that translate into decidedly feminine feel.

Imitation leather steampunk half apronLast but not least we couldn’t leave out the boys.  Included is an image of a brown leather half apron.  Inspired by the era of craftsman and warriors who donned such kilts.

Again, notice the application of custom brass buttons and angled V flap.  The idea is not to replicate something from the past, but to improve upon it, modify it by combining designs and influences from historical creations with your own touch and twists.

Checkout our Matte Vinyl fabrics section for a selection of fabrics to use as faux leather for your own custom steampunk fashions.

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I’m a big fan of steampunk, and I’m just getting into making my own stuff. Great post for inspiration.