Fall Fabric Trends

BY admin on October 28, 2019

There is a crispness to the air as we move into the Fall season. Halloween is almost upon us, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to put away the shorts and t-shirts and bring out your Fall and cool-weather clothes.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite fashions for Fall and we’ll highlight the materials and fabrics that are being used. FYI – historically we have only sold faux-leather materials, and within the next couple weeks you can expect to find authentic leather hides available on our site.

This first set of leather hides have been sourced from Italian tanneries, and are eco-friendly and focused on garment, fashion, and light upholstery uses. What is the difference between leather fabric and a leather hide you ask? Leather hides come from the animal and have varying shapes and sizes.

The material is significantly more expensive than imitation leather as the labor to produce a leather hide is significant. However, leather has distinct qualities and ages with time. If you like the feel and qualities of leather, then there is nothing else quite like it.

But we’ll save more details on our leather hides from when they are closer to launch time. For now, enjoy our curated images of Fall fashions that will be popular and cutting edge for this season.

First up: Kylie Jenner’s all black leather look. Kylie sports leather jeans with contrasting silver / aluminum zippers along with black matching leather boots, and a black leather top.

You can’t go wrong with following Kylie Jenner for fashion inspiration. She has a knack for knowing where trends are going and being just out in front of them. All black leather is a sleek look, and you want to show just enough skin and texture to ensure that you have something else that draws the eye.

In regards to making your own unique fashions from leather or faux-leather fabric, the tube top that Kylie wears would be a quick and easy piece that you could throw together in an hour or two. Just be sure to pick up a zipper for the back of the top to ensure easy on and easy off. We’ve got tons of different sizes and types of zippers to work with your designs.

We also enjoy looking to Tokyo fashions for new and offbeat looks. Bright pops of color mixed with vinyl and leather materials are trending in both Tokyo and the K-Pop scene.

You can find plastic boning, eyelets, and drawstring or lacing to recreate this veggie-leather corsalette skirt. Paired with a Geisha inspired top in bright coral red and knee-highs to complete the style.

Gold metallic pleather jeans pair up with matching sea-green sneakers and shirt in this colorful 80’s throwback look. MJTrends stretch-red vinyl fabric is soft to the touch and great to recreate a jacket like this. Our metallic-gold faux leather fabric is a touch shinier than the jeans shown in this picture, but would be an effective choice for a glittery inspired pair of pants. The material has a slick surface and sheen but it also has a leather grain embedded in it.

If you are a regular reader of our blog you’ll probably also notice that Rihanna shows up here frequently. We love her style and she is somehow consistently able to wow people with new ideas and looks, despite having it done it time and time again.

A long black semi-matte leather jacket conceals a tight-fitting leather bodyconn dress. Pull the jacket closed to add mystique and intrigue, then reveal a leg with a long stride. Later in the evening the jacket comes off and again – everyones jaw just drops.

Our black faux leather has the same sheen as the material Rihanna wears. The fabric also some some 2-way stretch, so you could make both a trench coat or a custom-fitting dress with it. Don’t forget your bra wire for that extra touch of design and support.

Bella Hadid gets back at one of her ex-boyfriends by taking a page from Rihanna’s fashion playbook by wearing a slick black vinyl overcoat with matching mini-skirt and boots.

Our black patent vinyl has little to no stretch and is thicker than our other vinyl fabrics. It’s great for making rainwear and jackets. For the skirt you could use patent vinyl, especially if you were making an A-line skirt and you wanted some extra stiffness.

However, if you wanted something more form fitting and closer to what Bella is wearing then we recommend our soft and supple 4-way stretch black vinyl fabric.

If you enjoyed our fall fashion and fabric recommendations we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what kind of articles you enjoy, or what fabrics or sewing notions we could carry that you would help you with your upcoming projects: sales@MJTrends.com

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