Latex costume inspiration

BY admin on October 16, 2019

In our last blog post we discussed the differences between some of your various fabric options including stretch vinyl, latex sheeting, and veggie leather and the differences between these materials. Assuming that you have assessed what will work best for your project and you’ve settled on latex sheeting, we have some inspirational videos to help your creative process along.

Fanny Lu, Farina is a Spanish pop band that used colorful latex dresses in their music video titled “Te Quedaste Solo”. Bubble gum pink, bright orange, teal green, and matching lipstick adorn the singers in this colorful music video. Cutouts and ruffles are features of the dresses and bodysuits that add to aesthetic.

Our next piece of inspiration comes from a music video by the artist Girli called “Deal with it”. She wears a black latex bodysuit with oversized white collar and white cuffs. Black latex thigh-highs complete the look.

Bodysuits are such a fun and flexible design to work with. You can make dozens of quick and easy alterations to take the looks in different directions.

Considering a nun or faith-based costume? Review Lady Gaga’s Alejandro music video to see what latex looks like when converted to Catholic-inspired religious outfits.

You could make robes, bodysuits, nun dresses, etc by implementing features from traditional religious garb.

Cosplay outfits are especially popular in latex, and you can check out what looks alot like a Sailor Moon costume in FEMM’s music video “No boyfriend”.

We’ve covered FEMM before in our blog posts. They have a plethora of latex outfits that the duo wears in concert and in their music videos. Be sure to check out their other material if you like them.

Moving away from music videos and more into costuming, we’ve got several latex cosplay costumes in the videos below. First up is an amazing Metroid latex catsuit worn by Anya Ichios.

There are inlays, overlays, gloves, and other features that make her catsuit absolutely amazing! It’s not small task to create a catsuit with this much detail, but the result is well worth the effort.

Next we have a clip from Cosplayer FireInAurora. She’s wearing a royal blue latex catsuit with black thigh-high patent leather boots and matching elbow length black latex gloves.

Notice how the zipper goes from front to back. If you’re spending the day at an event you also need to keep in mind how easy / hard it is to tinkle.

In the next video Irine Meier wears a Ms Marvel latex outfit by Andromeda Latex. The lightning strike overlay is metallic gold latex. The catsuit also leverages semi-transparent natural toned latex that is so close to skin tone that you don’t notice it at first.

There are so many interesting ways to incorporate semi-transparent latex, whether it is matching a flesh tone, or adding some transparency to a design that already has an existing opaque color like red, purple, green, or blue.

Last on our list is a Harley Quinn Costume made from metallic red and metallic blue latex sheeting. Ria Fend is the model and the creator of the costume was Black Sheep Latex. We love this spin on what has been a highly popular costume over the last few years.

We hope you enjoyed the videos and perhaps found some inspiration for your own costumes and outfits. As always please let us know if we can be of any assistance (email us at

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