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BY admin on June 4, 2020

After months of working on calibrating our new laser cutter, selecting and creating designs, adding features to the website to support the additional options, and perfecting the packaging and processing – we are elated to offer you latex lace!

If you missed our previous blog post on the subject, you can check it out or watch the video below. In the video we show how the latex sheeting gets cut into latex lace, examples of latex lace, and we also talk about how to work with it.

We are currently offering latex lace in three thicknesses: .20mm, .35mm (the .30mm category), and .50mm. The lace is delicate and especially fine at the thinnest gauge. It takes a steady hand and extra patience to work with it.

One of our tips is to use painters tape to prevent the lace from curling while gluing it, assuming you are using our solvent based adhesive. The ammonia based adhesive, or latex milk as it is sometimes referred, doesn’t cause the latex to curl.

We will be adding more latex lace designs in the near future and would love to hear your suggestions. Feel free to email us images, descriptions, or your own sketches:

For our next major update, we will be adding latex appliques. These will come in a variety of sizes including 12-inch, 9-inch, 6-inch, and 3-inch. By the end of July we expect to have about twenty designs completed for the initial launch. Approximately 1/2 of the designs will be related to comic book hero’s and the other 1/2 will be unrelated to super hero’s.

The latter designs may include things like leopard spots, hearts, crowns, regal lace-like designs that are too large or oddly shaped to fall under our latex lace category, and more. The same options for the latex lace will be available for latex appliques including gauge, color, and quantity.

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