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BY admin on June 12, 2020

We’ve spent the last couple weeks uploading clearance items and we now have over 100 fabrics and materials on clearance. Prices range anywhere from 20% to 75% off retail.

If you aren’t familiar with how our clearance items works – these are one-of-a-kind offers that come from end of roll, customer returns, or other fabrics with minor blemishes or issues. Any issues are documented on the product listing page.

Once an item has sold it is gone forever. Unlike sale items, where we have marked down the price of a specific material and we have hundreds of yards of that material in stock, with a clearance item there is only 1 of them and it will be a specific quantity.

You can’t change the quantity of a clearance item when checking out. if it says “3” yards, then you have to purchase that fabric in the 3 yard section as it exists.

Often we will have more than 1 clearance item available and you can purchase as many as you desire, however, keep in mind that “2” yards of black snakeskin clearance fabric and “3” yards of black snakeskin fabric will come as 2 separate items.

We also have grab bags for sale in both vinyl and latex sheeting. These are excellent values if you are looking to practice with the materials, can use scrap pieces, make hackey sacks, doll clothing, etc.

Most of the grab bags will consist of fabric that is less than 1 yard long, or it may be pieces that are a yard or more but have been damages in some way that prevents us from selling it as a clearance item. There is approximately 7 yards of material in a grab bag and if you do the math – that’s $2.00 per yard for materials that normally cost up to $12.99 per yard!

Summer time is a great moment to stock up on materials that you’ll need for Fall and Halloween. Plus, with the crazy times that we live in, working on projects is a safe way to spend some extra time and continue to practice social distancing.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what projects you are planning, what materials we can help you with, or what questions you have for us. Reach us by leaving a comment on this blog post below or email us at: sales@MJTrends.com

We are shipping on schedule and have not experienced any delays with our business due to Covid-19. The one caveat we will mention is that we continue to experience delays by USPS. If your project has a deadline and you don’t want to pay for overnight or 2-day shipping which have guaranteed delivery dates, then we highly recommend that you use FedEx Ground.

USPS Priority historically has been faster than FedEx Ground with delivery to most locations in the US in 2-3 days, however, it is now common for delivery dates for Priority shipments to reach 5-7 days and we’ve had USPS Parcel Post shipments that have taken 2-3 weeks to be delivered.

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