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Laser cutting / engraving, anyone?

Newly-opened Maker Space near my home has an industrial-quality laser cutter, Epilog Helix.  That opens up all sorts of possibilities for tiny details I'd never be able to cut by hand!Anyone here dabbled with laser cutting...

Alphax, February 18th 2017 11:57:59 am

That hood is from Kink Engineering in Canada.  You could try asking them what their laser cutting and...

crow-killer, November 10th 2016 12:45:53 am

I've seen a hood with "micro breathe" holes so that a traditional hole doesn't have to be cut out. The holes are...



Making a jacket for halloween, could use suggestion

I'm having trouble finding the correct grey (matte) in a thicker gauge latex so my backup is to get the 0.5mm silver (from here) and figure out how to make it seem a bit more structured. For context I'm making Marty McFly jr's...

JP, September 21st 2016 10:18:55 pm

Haven't done pieces large enough to make a jacket, but it's relatively simple to laminate two sheets of latex...



Halloween is coming.. what are you making?

Had fun with Robin last year, this year I've decided to do Nightwing.The comic book inspiration:Unlike most movie-style Batman/Robin versions lately, comic Nightwing isn't massively armored or hugely-built, just a thin suit over...

JP, November 11th 2016 1:08:48 pm

Also, the suit was a success in another way -- the really-detailed armored batsuits you see for cosplay are often...

JP, November 11th 2016 1:06:29 pm

Metallic black.  That's why the boots don't quite match, they're in a solid black finish.  Need to add...



latex corset

Hello community,I'm new, and my english is not all that brilliant. But that is the only forum like that... so I will try it.I have made already some Latex pieces (underwear, bra, gauntlets, top/ bottom set with a zipper). I will...

majorjam02, April 7th 2023 5:16:08 am

Very nice.

Mahakali, October 7th 2016 9:31:12 am

The fit is very good. For a corset from non stretchy fabric I normally took the Pattern one size bigger and reduce...




Just opened my online store! Fashion Design major~Thank you MJ Trends. Love your latex! XOXOAntrice Allurebound.com

Chloe, September 7th 2016 10:57:35 am

Congrats on your store!