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Lingerie student needs help! Latex corsetry?

Hello all! So I am a student specializing in intimate apparel and for my senior thesis I'm going to attempt to construct a garment in latex. Never have worn it before... never have made anything in it before! Crazy, I know....

JP, March 1st 2016 12:29:42 am

Haven't made a corset, but I've done some latex work, and my wife has a commercial latex corset that has held up...



Transparent Smoke Long-sleeved Shirt

The transparent blue full-suit took backseat to a transparent smoke long sleeved shirt in .50mm. The suit I patterned from an older custom suit I had made about 15 years ago. It started popping holes all over the place so I...

shinyskintight, January 7th 2016 11:56:13 pm

Great job! Looks like it fits well for sure. Loving the color. Looking forward to seeing that suit you...

DCRubberGuy, December 23rd 2015 8:12:04 pm

Here are a few more pics of the shirt with me not in it :) No zips - just the fun full-on struggle!



Rubber shower curtain

This was the first thing I made! The smell in the warm shower is amazing :)

JP, January 14th 2016 10:58:48 am

Also, if you're used to using brass, stainless grommets are definitely harder to set, they won't work with the...

JP, January 14th 2016 10:56:35 am

If you want stainless grommets, go to an industrial supplier, or a place that deals with sail makers.  For...



Transparent sleeves

A shirt I made a few months ago with transparent sets in the long sleeves. Also in the first pic, see the Rubber shower curtain I made. More on that in another post.

DCRubberGuy, December 22nd 2015 8:10:49 am

Hi there,Shinyskintight - nope, there isn't a zipper. I use them as little as possible - prefer the smooth and I...

Andre , December 22nd 2015 4:54:34 am

Looks great. I made a long sleeve shirt where the sleeves are completely transparent. Like your idea too. What...



White Latex...

Does anyone know if MJ's white latex is always more of a cream color then a white? i've seen pictures of people in white latex and it looks very white but i got metallic pink and white from MJ and it seems more of a cream then...

Andre , December 22nd 2015 4:43:40 am

Just to add to what Shiny said. White (light cream) and natural latex stain very easy. And you would be surprised...

shinyskintight, December 21st 2015 6:36:15 pm

Hello, Yes, the white latex from MJT is more of a cream, or eggshell, color. This is correct. Mostly all...