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What kind of Zipper is recommended to be used for latex? What kind of glue is better to use? In the past I have seen some Zipper that separates from the whole piece. I do have a clue that organic material won't work the best , but not all the inorganic materials like nilon Zipper would glue perfectly fine . so I wonder what is your recommendation about it. 

Thank you everyone. 


Response by: Addison, March 17th 2016 3:51:45 pm

Some people prefer to use zippers that have plastic teeth, as metals such as brass can discolor light-colored latex if they come into contact.

On most zippers the zipper tape (the woven fabric part at the edges) is either cotton or polyester. 

In order to adhere the zipper to latex, you'll need to 'rubberize' the zipper tape.  Either cotton or polyester zipper tape can be rubberized.  Basically you coat the zipper tape several times with latex adhesive.

You can view a tutorial here: https://mjtrends.com/tutorial,How-to-insert-zipper-in-latex

Response by: cire1029, February 20th 2017 7:37:16 pm

  Walmart has many length zippers with plastic teeth, and I use "Slime Rubber Cement" in the green can. It is strong, and soaks into the fibers of the fabric.