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Airbrushing on latex?

Has anyone done airbrushing on relatively tight latex?  Glued-on latex trim works fine for sharp lines, but I'm thinking of something like this, with shaded shadow lines.  (This example is airbrushed on spandex, that's...

JP, April 6th 2015 10:38:41 pm

My construction technique could still use more practice, but I'm not letting that slow me down... if nothing else,...

shinyskintight, April 5th 2015 11:10:15 pm

Thanks for sharing JP! You always have a lot of interesting project/project ideas I really enjoy hearing about....



The "Best" Best-Test??

I am totally new to creating with latex sheeting but I have years of sewing and costuming experience. I have not come across this issue in my own research and I wondered if some of you might be able to help me out.  I had...

Andre , August 7th 2015 9:03:21 am

I don't know the brand of glue that you are referring to as we do not get it in SA. I would suggest that you...

Jzaayer, April 6th 2015 8:44:23 am

Thanks for the encouragement.  I was sure to buy some Bestine at the same shop while I was there.  I've...




looking forward to doing business



Help please!

Hello!I'm a cosplayer and about to start working on the below Sailor Moon cosplay as designed by No Flutter.I want to do the whole think in a combination of Latex and PVC but I could really use some advise on the fabric.I'm...

Andre , August 7th 2015 9:13:40 am

If you use 0.2 it would hang quite flat against your body and wont really puff up. I would rather go thicker. 0.3,...

JP, January 17th 2015 6:59:11 pm

You definitely need to post photos when you're done, that looks like it should be an amazing costume!Haven't done...




I hope to make a pair of lounging pajamas. I am OK with pattern making, cutting and gluing, but I have no idea how to put elastic in the waist of the bottoms. Can anyone enlighten me?

Andre , August 7th 2015 9:49:48 am

Sorry I forgot to add this. This is the pattern I used.

Andre , August 7th 2015 9:46:05 am

I hope I can explain clearly what I have done. I used a piece of 0.8mm latex that I had. I cut a strip 2...