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great solution for gluing even seams

hello! i believe i have found a great alternative for gluing down latex seams. i have seen people using glue spreaders to which they then have to cut in half. an alternative to this is using food tester spoons! i have found a...



UV resistancy

I would like to know of the latex sheet is UV resistance (at least to some level) and if not are there other materials with similar characteristics that are UV resistance?Thanks Dan

JP, June 13th 2019 9:42:38 pm

How much UV exposure are you talking about? Daily use outdoors? Occasional outdoor use?



Custom Latex Labels for Clothing

Hi, Does anyone know where to get latex labels printed? The only companies I have found online are based in the UK and the minimum order is rather large. I was hoping there was a company in the US that made printed latex...

JP, June 13th 2019 9:45:51 pm

A friend made some using a rubber stamp and a contrasting color of liquid latex. Time consuming, but if you're...



Basic latex set

Hi everyone ,I'm new in this area. I love latex outfits, and i will try to do by myself some outfits. Can you please help with that? I need a basic products lists to start my experiences.Thx and a happy New Year for allPaulo

Ppereira_2017, February 21st 2019 3:11:20 am

Dear Keith,Thanks for your help. Meanwhile i will try to make some experiences then i will update.KissPaulo

keith, February 20th 2019 6:29:16 pm

I use Dawn blue dishwashing soap to clean.For thinner or adhesive remover I use heptane



Shaping latex

I’m super new at this, please bare with me.  I’m looking to shape the latex material. Is that possible?  

IrishMaster, November 30th 2018 12:48:42 pm

Thanks Chloe,  yes. I’m do new that it’s enogh to get me in trouble. Lol. I’m so...

Chloe, November 30th 2018 10:23:21 am

Yes, you can create a mask that is shaped to take into account the curvature of a nose.  MJTrends does not...