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Entry for Selfies Contest

Here's my outfit from Halloween 2014 and my entry for the Selfies Contest. It's a fictional villain I came up with I call, "The Doom Machine." I modified the gas mask with spikes. Made the latex spiked wristbands and armbands...

mythicalgriffons@hotmail.com, November 23rd 2015 11:48:50 am

awesome outfit!!

SaskiaSkira, December 1st 2014 12:35:52 pm

This outfit is crazy cool! I love the "horn" spikes on the mask!! Great work!



Halloween 2014!

Hi there! I made these costumes this year for Halloween! I'm the lady with pink hair and my costume is the Silk Spectre from The Watchmen. The red/black costume is Harley Quinn from Batman and the blue costume is Mystique from...

shinyskintight, December 12th 2014 8:52:39 pm

Hey SaskiaSkira, congrats on wining the contest!!Those costume were fantastic! Hope to see more of your creations...

shinyskintight, November 23rd 2014 10:24:50 pm

Agreed with Addison! These outfits are amazing!! Great job not only on one but all three! If I had a vote, I'd say...



Email about making patterns

  To whom it may concern,Could you please resend the email telling about making patterns.  I don't have the email dvland@valornet.com any more.Thank You,Donna Landreth

Addison, November 20th 2014 7:25:12 pm

Was there something specific you wanted to know about making patterns?  Custom patterns are available at:...



Red rubber bow dress selfie

Made this for Halloween.  Metallic red latex with box detailing in the front.  The pattern was modified from a Simplicity pattern I had used years ago.  Adjusted it to fit skin tight and done!

shinyskintight, November 10th 2014 8:59:42 pm

Great job! Love that metallic red! Got a Jessica Rabbit look going on ;) What thickness of latex did you use for...

Andre , November 7th 2014 12:51:43 pm

You must have made some heads spin. Looks very sexy.



halloween selfie

Black and red catsuit for Halloween:

shinyskintight, November 10th 2014 9:26:45 pm

Great job! Looks like it fits really well! I haven't attempted to make a catsuit but hope to gain the skill when I...

Andre , November 7th 2014 12:46:13 pm

This is a awesome looking catsuit. Where did you find a pattern for it.