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Patent Vinyl Trench Coat

Hello MjTrendsters! Been awhile since I've posted on here but I've been working on a lot of projects.  Here's one that I like and is a versatile costume piece My customer designed Matrix style Patent vinyl Trench Coat....

Chloe, September 30th 2022 5:52:13 pm

I like your second pic the most - it looks like a mix of matrix meets mortal combat!  Halloween is coming up...

shinyskintight, January 7th 2022 10:23:18 pm



Patent Vinyl Corset Chair project

I wanted to try an upholstery project so I found a cheap chair and reupholstered it with MJ Trends Black Patent Vinyl and added a corset design to the back of it. This is all my own custom design and the 1st time I've ever done...



Tips for sewing on vinyl fabric

If you don't want to use MJTrends silicone lubricant (https://mjtrends.com/categories-Latex-Shine,Notions) you can use food grade silicone spray, the type used in meat slicers and grinders:...



Coat I made for my wife

Used 0.65 patent vinyl, heavily modified sewing pattern Simplicity 4084. And many ideas from Pinterest. Very pleased with result.And, made a fun Santa hat with some of the leftovers.  :-)

shinyskintight, January 7th 2022 6:10:26 pm

WOW! That is amazing!  Great job! 👏👏👏

CarolGray, September 21st 2021 4:26:16 am

Hi, wow that coat is gorgeous, you are so good!!!!



can someone make me an item?

I really want this outfit for my wife.Can anyone make it for me?Thanks,Neale.

Chloe, September 4th 2019 3:22:13 pm

Hey HamerXT,You can find that dress for sale...