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Razer Cut Fasion PVC

I wonder if some one can answer a question.I whant to razer cut a Pvc skirt on the sides. Does PVC not rip? I also saw a site that had some directions but I did not save it If some one could help that would be great thanks

guest, March 14th 2005 10:07:49 am

Hi, That would be much easier to cut pvc fabric with a hand held driven slitter. You should be careful, while...

guest, February 21st 2005 1:47:10 pm

Just ripping the PVC will result in a ragged and warped edge with the plastic stretched beyond its point of...



Reinforcing a PVC seam

Anyone, do you know what kind of glue or tape or other method that would be suitable to reinforce or stabilize the rear seam on a pair of PVC pants? This is 4 way stretch PVC (without fabric bonded). At first wear, the PVC...



gluing pvc fabric

I'm trying to get an airtight seam with vinyl fabric. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to do this? Perhaps the use of an adhesive of some kind to bind the fabric together instead of sewing it? Thanks Mason

guest, June 15th 2005 8:53:04 pm

Hi, can you tell exactly what is the brand/name of that kit? Thank you

guest, January 11th 2005 4:39:22 pm

I have used the automotive kits found in stores like Wal-Mart to glue vinyl and plastics. I think it is...



Making corsets with PVC or Vinyl

Hello! I have a question about corset making in PVC or Vinyl. I have been reading here of the differences in PVC and Vinyl materials. I read someone's post about making a corset in patent vinyl because it does not...

guest, May 11th 2007 5:53:11 am

Another method to try. When making corsets with 2-way stretch pvc use medium weight iron on fusible interfacing on...

guest, July 26th 2006 5:14:48 pm

I've made several corsets out of vinyl and PVC. I've always used a stronger material on the inside (satin, leather...



What is the difference between patent, PVC and vinyl?

Greetings! I know this subject has kind of been covered in the forum before, but I need more clarification. What is the difference between patent, PVC and vinyl? Further, is patent the same thing as patent leather?...

guest, November 22nd 2004 12:44:25 pm

If you want to get technical, websters defines them as the following: Patent Leather: Black leather finished to a...

guest, November 22nd 2004 12:36:44 pm

It's my understanding that patent leather and patent vinyl are the same. PVC is actually a subgroup of vinyl. ...