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Weather help

Do this product help with rain and weather on a screen porch. I'm looking for blinds, etc. that might be used to keep rain from ruining my screen porch...


Response by: guest, September 18th 2006 11:23:59 pm

The vinyl fabric that MJTrends sells is waterproof, but I'm not sure it is suitable for outdoor use. I would think you would want something more durable for constant exposure to the elements, but you could always try and see.

Of course you can always get those green or blue vinyl tarps from Wal-Mart, might want to check that out because I know those are for outdoor use.

Response by: guest, November 30th 2006 7:28:27 am

If you are looking for a fabric to use in a weather application I suggest using "Sunbrella" and spraying a fabric sealant to help retard water. This fabric can be ordered in several grades and is used almost exclusively for marine purposes due to it's color and textile longevity against the weather elements. When used for Bimini tops or dodgers (boats) it keeps much of the water from inside the overhangs and resists mildew as well from being wet. Good luck! You can find this fabric on line anywhere and should work extremely well for making roll up blinds. BTW, love this forum and MJ for making such a place avaliable to us artisans! Thank you MJ!!!

Response by: latexgirl, May 5th 2014 8:37:56 pm

Look for Bianca Catsuit...She used to photoshoot in the sea,so its waterproofand made for outdoor use.