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pvc/vinyl for carnival worker

hi....my second "job" is being the goofball at carnivals, fairs and fundraisers in the wet sponge, water balloon and pie throwing games. my girlfriend recommended I get a few vinyl suits made because I\'m doing it so frequently in the fall and spring. i\'ve had success with commerical vinyl costumes and hardware store-bought rainsuits but i want to have some snappy pantsuits in fun colors or patterns made. will shower curtain vinyl or table cloth oilcloths work? does anyone know resources for vinyl with silly paterns and fun colors? any fabrics/weights that I should avoid? and finally, does anyone have links or emails for good vinyl/pvc seamtresses? thanks!


Response by: Ry, August 4th 2008 12:02:24 pm

Oil cloth may work, not sure how comfortable it would be as the backing could make the skin itchy and it doesn\'t drape / move that well. 

I would not recommend using shower curtain vinyl as it will be difficult to sew, and post sewing it will be likely to rip apart because there is no fabric backing.  The holes from the sewing machine will most likely cause the plastic to rip or tear after a few uses.  You could give it a try and see how it holds up, or try to use a fabric substrate inbetween the seams and see if that prevents tearing.

We do sell pvc fabric here and it is intended for fashion use.  I would recommend the pvc fabric.  Best of luck!