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Cutting Latex and other questions

I am curious what most people are using to cut latex?  At least on the .30mm I was using I found that scissors aren\'t reliable.  I have a rotary cutter which seems to work for simple cuts but I am wondering on curved cuts or cuts to make applique\'s what seems to work best.


Also on applique\'s can you do glue single side only on the applique not on the garment side?  I can test it but was curious what others experience had been.


Finally for those making clothing are you doing an overlay seam of any kind at the openings.  For instance if you have a pair of shorts would you roll the waist or just have the cut edge as the finish? 


I know I\'m not totally clear I\'m sure just because I\'m not really a clothing maker, just doing this as an experimental hobby and gluing is much easier than sewing.


Response by: Anon, August 9th 2008 8:51:26 pm

Check the forums at rubberist.net.  They suggest using very sharp (high quality) scissors, like the ones professional tailors use.

Response by: Ry, August 15th 2008 3:43:26 pm

I would recommend that you use a rotary cutter.  Any scissors, no matter how sharp, can lead to tearing the latex because of the possibility of non-smooth edges.  A rotary cutter will ensure that you get a perfect edge. 

Easiest way to find them is to go to a nearby Joanns or Walmart, or do a google search for "fabric rotary cutter."  Fiscars and Olfa are a couple brand names that make them.

Response by: Lynnsinger, June 22nd 2010 9:17:54 pm

I would think an Exacto knife would work.

Response by: juju993, October 8th 2013 9:22:03 am

I agree with Ry.

A rotary cutter from someplace like Joannes is the best for cutting latex.

Response by: fksewblog, October 10th 2013 11:25:09 am

Hey! I've cut a LOT of latex, haha. Use a nice, sharp rotary cutter and I suggest having an acrylic sheet under to protect your surface. They last a long time!

Exacto knives really don't work. Scissors can be a little better but won't give you the perfect edge that a rotary cutter will, so definitely get one of those!

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 10:14:38 am

A rotary cutter is best. I have four Olfa rotary cutters. You get them with different diameter cutters. I have one with a 45mm cutter that I use most often to cut out the latex after I marked the patern on it. I also have three 28mm cutters for trimming.

Be very carefull not to drop them or cut with them against a steel ruler for once you damage the blade you get interrupted cutting which is very frustrating. I bought a sharpener to resharpen the cutters as they are fairly expensive.

I bouhgt a sheet of polycarbonate 2mm thich 1.2 meter wide by 2.4 meter long for less than R300.00 ($30.00) at a plastic supplier that covers my dining room table.

it works like a charm as I can now cut anywhere I want and dont have to move a cutting board when I cut out the latex after I marked the pattern.