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Shining 4-way stretch PVC?

Does anyone know if there\'s a way to get the 4 way PVC any shinier? I\'m aware it\'s pretty shiny already but I want it to be as glossy as latex (just not latex as I found out I\'m allergic, LOL). Does the latex polish MJTrends sells work on stretchy pvc?


Response by: Ry, January 6th 2009 12:28:54 pm

Have you purchased the stretch vinyl yet and compared?  If you haven\'t, I would get a swatch and see if you think its not shiny enough.  The vinyl has a very high gloss shine to it, probably more shiny than the latex (even when the latex has shine conditioner on it) if you ask me. 

I guess you could use the latex shine on the vinyl, it couldn\'t hurt anything, but I don\'t think you can get the vinyl anymore shiny than it already is. 

Response by: Kelly too,I mean my , March 26th 2009 12:41:24 am

Hey other Kelly I don\'t know if you will see this but I\'m coming to the recuse !!!I have odered many times from this website and am super pleased with the product,great section...thanks mj...who ever you are I LOVE working with vinyls for years since my first collection at school...it seems to me that you are looking for the regular "PVC"fabric it\'s very very really shiney like latex(I don\'t believe it has latex in it but you should ask to confirm just in case)...the "stretch pvc"has wayyy less shine but four way stretch"it\'s really stretchy"......the regular"PVC" on this site has 2 way sretch(alittle stretch one direction) and I use it on garments and ADORE the shiney look!!!....just make sure your pattern is your size and you will be fine .......I have found that the jean PVC is alittle less stretchy and the soild colors of PVC are more plyable...I have odered both kinds and what you are describing sound like the "PVC" products without 4 way....it\'s my fav!!!! ok see ya