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Transparent Colors

Does anyone know where i can find transparent colors? (specifically hot pink)

Will MJ trends ever carry Transparent colors?


Response by: Ry, January 27th 2009 11:50:05 am

MJTrends does sell transparent sheeting in two colors: natural / amber and blue.  We do plan on adding a full range of transparent colors including hot pink.  3-4 times a year we stock new colors and add about 15 new ones total per year.  You can expect transparent hot pink by the years end.

Response by: Catherine, July 25th 2009 4:18:51 pm

Does MJ Trends plan to stock transparent red or orange latex by the end of this year as well?



Response by: Amelia, May 31st 2010 8:42:09 pm

I would like to second the notion for transparent orange latex that someone posted previously, I think it would be a big seller :] Any new on when shipments would get in?

Also, if I\'m not able to find a transparent orange, is it possible to dye latex? If it is, what would these methods be?

Thank you!

Response by: Hans F.Husemeier, February 17th 2011 7:03:24 pm

Does your company plan to stock thinner than .20mm Latex Sheeting in the future?


Response by: Ry, February 17th 2011 9:41:42 pm

At the moment we do not plan on stocking guages thinner than .20mm, but if enough people want it then we will look into it.  What thickness would you want?

Response by: fksewblog, October 10th 2013 11:28:34 am

For latex that MJ Trends does not stock, you can find more transparent latex at Elastica Engineering. However, it is more expensive.