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Painting on latex?

Does anyone know of any method to paint on latex and have it remain? Do I need to get liquid latex or is there some other type of paint that would work? Does liquid latex work? Is there anything that could be silk screened on?


Response by: guest, February 22nd 2007 11:50:27 pm

There's a company called monster makers - can recall the website at the current moment, but they sell paint supplies explicitly for painting latex. They can probably advise you on what kind of equipment you need as well.

Good Luck!

Response by: Ry, July 16th 2008 5:46:59 pm

You can silk screen latex just as you would a regular t-shirt if you didn\'t want to go the hand painting route.  I would recommend contacting a silk screen company and find out if they recommend any particular inks.  Best of luck!

Response by: Enelya, September 6th 2008 4:56:32 pm

We also found that using model acrylic paint works for really light translucent coats.  Good luck.