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glitter latex

while i understand that for there to be glitter in a latex sheet, it needs to be in the mix before being processed- i wonder if there is any possible way to add it after the fact. would anybody know? 

thank you.


Response by: Chloe, June 9th 2019 10:36:06 am

Hi Natisavonhart,

You could try using Aleene's flexible fabric glue or one of the glue / glitter kits:


I wouldn't use it for something you are selling to someone else, but for your own project it might be ok.

The issue is that if the latex stretches, the glue may break apart, and if you rub against anything glitter is definitely going to come off.  Regardless, if you can handle the latex gently, it may work. 

Please post back if you have success with your project!

Response by: natisavonhart, June 9th 2019 8:40:29 pm

hello Chloe! thank you for your response. 

i will most defiantly try the strech glue and see the results i get, and bring them right back here! thank you again. 

my main concern is the glitter rubbing off, and i’m trying to look for some sort of sealant. i’m sure there is something out there for me to use. 

Response by: JP, June 13th 2019 9:39:33 pm

What size of glitter are you wanting to use, and how smooth of a finish do you need?

Automotive metallic glitter pigment for paint is very fine, fine enough that you can mix it with liquid latex and spray it on like paint.  Very handy if you want to paint a design onto latex sheet, you can mask the sheet and spray just the design, or use a small airbrush if you want softer edges.

Response by: Chloe, June 13th 2019 10:29:00 pm

JP - do you know what kind of sprayer you would need to have to spray liquid latex with glitter?  I assume you would need something that can handle very thick paint.

Response by: natisavonhart, June 13th 2019 10:39:08 pm

hello, JP. thank you for your response! 

i had never thought of using automotive glitter, i think it will work great! my two questions now are

1) does the quality/type of liquid latex matter? 

2) i do have a airbrush and that will be my most likely route. my airbrush is an internal mix- will the latex ruin/build up on my airbrush? 

thank you again and in advance for any addictional responses. 

Response by: JP, June 15th 2019 12:04:50 am

How large of an area are you wanting to spray?

For a large surface, I use an electric sprayer designed for latex house paint. Used that on a superhero cape, for example, several yards of black sheet latex, coated with yellow on one side. (Would have used two color latex sheet if I could find black/yellow, but coating it myself wasn't hard.)

For smaller areas I use a little artists airbrush and thin the liquid latex a little bit. Sprays well and allows good detail.

For either type of sprayer, you will want to wash it out, then take it apart and clean it well. A mix of ammonia and water thins liquid latex without making it set up like plain water can do. (That's why water-based latex adhesive smells like ammonia.)

This does still mean the glitter is just on the surface, but liquid latex stretches the same as the sheet underneath, so it's pretty durable.

Response by: natisavonhart, June 15th 2019 12:33:13 am

hello JP. thank you for another response. 

i was hoping to cover a piece of latex thats about 1 yard long and ¼ yard wide. i wanted to use it to add flair and decorate a dress. while i could more than likely use just a artist airbrush- for efficacy i will more than likely use the house paint sprayer you mentioned.  also- what type of ammonia do i use to thin down the liquid latex? do i need pure ammonia or can i use something with ammonia in it like a household cleaning product? 

thank you in advance. i am a newcomer and this is very useful information to me.