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hello. i’m new to the latex scene, i have a fascination with latex and am interested in making nice clothes. i hope to learn a lot from here. thank you for your time.

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glitter latex

Posted on: Jun 15th 2019 12:33:13 am

hello JP. thank you for another response. i was hoping to cover a piece of...

glitter latex

Posted on: Jun 13th 2019 10:39:08 pm

hello, JP. thank you for your response! i had never thought of using automotive...

glitter latex

Posted on: Jun 9th 2019 8:40:29 pm

hello Chloe! thank you for your response. i will most defiantly try the strech...

glitter latex

Posted on: Jun 8th 2019 3:30:19 am

while i understand that for there to be glitter in a latex sheet, it needs to be in...

great solution for gluing even seams

Posted on: Jun 7th 2019 10:56:53 pm

hello! i believe i have found a great alternative for gluing down latex seams. i...

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