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Repair torn vinyl

I hope I am able to word this correctly where it is clear what I am trying to do.

I have a vinyl pencil skirt (stretch pvc) it appears that the viny;l \'facing\' is peeling away from the backing. My understanding is that vinyl used in sewing is made up of liquid latex on lycra. I am not sure if this is so. Basically I have this great skirt that is "peeling" away. Is there a way I can repair it? If I do need to use liquid latex is there a specific way to apply it (since most liquid latex I am aware of is used to put on the skin). Thanks for any tips, I guess my last resort would be to try and use the existing skirt as a pattern and make a new one.


Response by: Ry, September 23rd 2008 3:45:25 pm

Applying liquid latex on the exposed material is not going to get you the results you would like (you may have fun doing it if you like liquid latex, but most likely you will just end up with a big goey mess).  I would recommend cutting away the damaged piece, this should prevent further peeling of the material if you can cut away the bad part and still have a functional skirt.

Otherwise, you could completely remove the bad panel by undoing the seams and then sew in a new one.  Best of Luck!


Response by: George, December 17th 2008 1:31:36 am

how big should the blade on rotary cutter be? 20mm? 45mm? 60 mm?