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ammonia based glue


has anyone done projects with MJ-trends Ammonia based glue? How does it hold? Can I still wash the garment in water?

Is it very flammable as solvent based glue? THX!


Response by: Michael, January 6th 2010 6:35:06 pm

The ammonia based glue is not flammable as it is water based.  Yes, you can wash garmets that you use the ammonia base glue with, but I would HIGHLY recommend you hand wash it and do not soak it in water. 

The hold is the same as the solvent based, but you can\'t really unstick and restick seams as well as you can with the solvent based glue.

Happy gluing!


Response by: FRUGALFLYER, January 23rd 2010 10:53:23 am

I am searching for a replacement adhesive for \'Sorghum\' , that is no longer available. I and many RC modelers used it to bond polystyrene foam and balsa wood. It smelled strongly of ammonia and appeared rubber like.

Your ammonia based glue appears to be similar. Do you think it would work in this application?