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Bleaching metal stains on light latex?

Not actually MJT latex, but... a white latex shirt has some eyelets that turn out not to be stainless steel, and they've left the usual brownish metal stains where they lay against the latex.I've seen discussion that these stains...

shinyskintight, April 5th 2015 11:28:39 pm

Nice experiment! Thanks JP! Will definitely keep this in mind if I run across this issue with any of my garments...

JP, January 1st 2015 11:37:38 pm

Since I couldn't find good answers, I made some brass stains on scrap white sheet and tried various cleaners that...



Home chlorination, anyone?

Just came across MJ Trends today, haven't worked with their latex yet, but I have with others.Has anyone here tried chlorinating garments made with MJ's latex sheet?What method do you use, and how does the latex respond? ...

lotemo, May 15th 2019 4:51:48 pm

Thank you for the information.  This really works well.  I chlorinated a pair of latex leggings and a...

JP, September 20th 2016 7:04:25 pm

While planning this year's Halloween costume, I got distracted by a long evening of reading industrial journals...



New Creation

Attached is a picture of a hooded raincoat with front zipper that I made from 0.4mm Transparent latex bought at MJ. Not shined yet as I only installed the zipper 2 hours ago.

H-Sama, December 17th 2015 3:47:45 am

Does it lose its shine with the rain?

shinyskintight, November 10th 2014 8:50:54 pm

Nice work! Definitely that time of year for a raincoat :) Would like to see how this looks over another layer of...



Latex scales

I am saving up all mu cut off pieces that is two small for making anything and then I cut circles which I plan on gluing onto a garment to give it a textured look. I look like fish scales. See the attached picture.I'll post a...

JP, December 16th 2014 11:43:35 pm

Very uniform circles, what sort of punch or die are you cutting them with?

hotdogjane, November 3rd 2014 12:37:50 pm

This looks really cool. I look forward to seeing what this turns into.



Transparent latex shirt

Attached is a picture of a transparent latex shirt from 0.3 transparent latex from MJ with MJ's latex shine. The shine makes it much more transparent.