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Hi all

Chloe, December 8th 2022 5:30:04 pm

Hi Taricol,Welcome to the forum.



Yellow .30 mm Latex Suit Used for Performance

My name is Mark. I am a contemporary Artist in Louisville, KY, USA. Here is a performance I did (description at www.vimeo.com/zenbutoisshoni/akinarukaze) using a yellow .30mm latex suit I created from materials bought at...

crow-killer, November 10th 2016 11:25:02 pm

なかなか変な動画ですね。How much experience do you have...

markmarsmark, November 9th 2016 11:11:35 am

The link to the performance on vimeo does not work, so please use this one...



My First Ever Latex Creations

This white underwear with black bow is the first thing I've ever made out of latex. The Caribbean Green pencil skirt is the second thing I've ever made out of latex. Both are .20mm. I had a hell of a time trying to get the seam...

Kriston, February 5th 2017 3:16:54 pm

Looks great!!

AllureBound , July 7th 2016 8:17:33 am

Great job! I like to use .5mm latex,  The weight helps and it is stronger. .2mm is best used for trims/...



Latex Wedding

What's up MJTrends! Just wanted to share a couple pics from my latex wedding last Saturday. I know this is not really a DIY post, like I normally post, but wanted share the shiny and happy day with you all. And to share this in...

mythicalgriffons@hotmail.com, November 16th 2015 7:53:54 am

This would be a really fun idea, Hyour wife's dress is also very pretty!!

shinyskintight, October 6th 2015 1:47:39 pm

Thanks for the compliments, Chloe and JP :) @JP - Unfortunately, I did not make any of these items. Not to say...



Pirate shirt, reversible black/red latex

Made of 0.35mm red/black latex, reversible.  Love the drape of the baggy shoulders/arms and the ruffles.