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Vinyl Corset Lining?

I\'m planning on making a corset out of patent vinyl, boning and all, and was wondering if it needed to be lined with something else? I know in another thread someone said they used a lining while working with PVC but if patent...

guest, December 31st 2007 7:22:18 pm

I actually use plastic tape on hems, so it wont leave pinholes, at all. I use the clear wrapping paper type tape...

guest, August 23rd 2006 7:17:41 am

I use a walking foot (it's a foot with rollers on it) to make pvc corsets and binding. It works great. I haven't...



pvc/vinyl for carnival worker

hi....my second "job" is being the goofball at carnivals, fairs and fundraisers in the wet sponge, water balloon and pie throwing games. my girlfriend recommended I get a few vinyl suits made because I\'m doing it so...

Ry, August 4th 2008 12:02:24 pm

Oil cloth may work, not sure how comfortable it would be as the backing could make the skin itchy and it doesn\'t...



Iron PVC to remove bolt stretch marks

Is it possible to iron (low heat on the reverse side (polyester)) to remove the stretch marks caused by wrapping around the bolt in storage? If it is possible what settings would be suggested? Thank you for your help in...

guest, November 27th 2007 10:38:58 am

Yes, it is possible to remove "bolt marks" or wrinkles from pvc fabric by ironing it. I would first recommend...



re: correct tension for 4 way stretch vinyl

Hi Guys I've sewn 2 way stretch vinyl for ages and had no problems, but upon recently moving over to the much nicer 4 way stretch I find my machine is having issues with correct tension. It often skips stiches, I've changed the...

guest, April 12th 2007 5:17:11 pm

Thanks for your help! I'll try that!

guest, February 27th 2007 2:07:34 am

I believe that stretch vinyl is sewn like other stretchy knits: Claudia Schaeffer says: "When filling the...



Corset vinyl

I've been looking everywhere for a non-stretch vinyl that is heavy duty enough to use in corsets. It must also be very shiny like the pvc that I have seen on the MJTrends website. Can anyone help me?

fksewblog, October 10th 2013 11:12:16 am

I haven't played with PVC yet but I imagine that if you used some interfacing on it it would have less stretch and...

Ry, September 3rd 2008 3:14:09 pm

There is a small degree of stretch with the patent vinyl, but not much.  If you want absolutely 0 stretch,...