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PVC/Latex adhesives

Is there a way to adhere the back (non-shiny) side of 4-way stretch PVC to latex? Or the non -shiny side to the shiny side without sewing? I know PVC can be sewn to itself but not to latex and the adhesive sold at MJ only bonds...

Zavora, January 24th 2018 7:11:22 pm

Thanks so much, Chloe!

Chloe, January 24th 2018 9:39:16 am

You could try to rubberize the backside of the pvc fabric.  You'll want to use the ammonia based adhesive and...



vinyl corset help with wrinkling

I'm working on a corset for a Catwoman costume based off the one from Batman Returns. I've never worked with vinyl before so it was quite a challenge as I'm not very good at sewing. There was a lot of guesswork. There are a few...

Chloe, August 31st 2017 9:07:40 am

Patent vinyl is the ideal fabric to use for corsets.  It doesn't have much stretch, so you'll get the best...



White stretch vinyl getting stained by other colors

I am having issues when using white stretch pvc, other colors seem to stain or rub off onto the white. Neither color is wet or hot so I'm not sure what is happening. Any one else ever had this issue? Or possibly know how to...

Chloe, May 3rd 2017 11:24:15 am

Light-colored vinyl can absorb darker colored vinyl if they touch for too long.  If you're storing the vinyl,...



Air tight stretchable thin pocket for inflatable boat inner tubes

I am trying to find a heat sealable stretchy, AIR TIGHT, material to make inner tubes for my leaky inflatable boat.  Cheaper the better..  Any ideas?? 



looking for soft vinyl for baby pants

does any one no wear i can get vinyl sheeting simular to this