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Metallic Blue Dress

Whats up MJTrendster's!!Here's my latest custom piece I made for my fiance. It's made from the metallic blue pvc sold here on MJTrends. I've got yards of more different PVC and latex, so more projects to come! Cheers,Shiny



PVC Projects

Whats up!!Was going through some pics and found some of the PVC projects I've done over the last year. Just wanted to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy :)Cheers,Shiny1. PVC bolero shrug2. Square neck "Go-Go" dress with...

shinyskintight, November 2nd 2014 3:31:21 pm

Thank you for the compliments!@Latexgood- The red dress is my favorite too ;)@ Andre- Thank you very much! And I...

Andre , November 1st 2014 9:41:05 am

Very nicely done. And you are also blessed to have a fiancĂ© that share in your fetish. Keep it coming.  



Washing 4-way stretch vinyl

Last weekend I went to Dragoncon where I wore two costumes made of vinyl which I sweat in PROFUSELY! the fabric smells terrible now and I really need to wash it before wearing it again, wondering how I should go about it. I've...

JP, November 26th 2014 1:35:36 am

Might also be worth looking into "wetsuit deodorizer" such as MiraZyme from McNett or Trident...

Hot Buttered Ice, November 3rd 2014 6:54:54 am

I have learned from many years of making and collecting pvc (vinyl plastic) and polyurethane garments of all...



Vinyl Bias Tape???

Hello everyone!Just wanted to see if anyone has had any luck making or finding patent vinyl bias tape?  I'm using black patent vinyl and my bias binder foot does not work for a couple reasons: 1. The patent vinyl is too...



New Patent Vinyl Corset

Hey MJTrender's! Just wanted to share a progress pic of my latest creation. An underbust corset I made with Black Patent Vinyl purchased from MJTrends. The edge's are not finished yet but it's getting close to being finished :)...

shinyskintight, October 17th 2014 9:18:02 pm

Thanks latexgood!Unfortunately, I did not make the shirt nor the pouch shorts (as they are called.) I ordered them...

latexgood, October 17th 2014 7:17:48 am

Good Job, Did You Make The Shirt And Pants/Shorts In The 2Nd Pic? (Sorry About All The Caps Lol I'm