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Just starting out!

It may be a long journey ahead of me, but I’m not discouraged!

Chloe, September 30th 2022 4:58:05 pm

Nice work - that's looks spot on!



Patent Vinyl Trench Coat

Hello MjTrendsters! Been awhile since I've posted on here but I've been working on a lot of projects.  Here's one that I like and is a versatile costume piece My customer designed Matrix style Patent vinyl Trench Coat....

Chloe, September 30th 2022 5:52:13 pm

I like your second pic the most - it looks like a mix of matrix meets mortal combat!  Halloween is coming up...

shinyskintight, January 7th 2022 10:23:18 pm



Patent Vinyl Corset Chair project

I wanted to try an upholstery project so I found a cheap chair and reupholstered it with MJ Trends Black Patent Vinyl and added a corset design to the back of it. This is all my own custom design and the 1st time I've ever done...



Laser Cutting

Hi,I have a 5.5W diode laser cutter that I have been using to trial cutting latex of various thicknesses and colors. I was wondering what the settings were that you use for your latex trim/lace? I am finding that the cuts...

CarolGray, September 22nd 2021 4:31:04 am

Yes, that's where duct tape saves the day [anchor](https://999.md/)

Jackel433, September 2nd 2021 3:15:38 pm

Hi TimI've been looking into CO2 Laser lately an I saw to eliminate the sticky goo that the laser makes the best...



Butty Shorts

Hi to all,I am trying to make shorts that take the form of the but line, i don't know how to explained, something like the picture i attached to this post.Any advice how to achieve something like this in latex? Thanks in...

mlurk, October 3rd 2021 9:41:27 pm

The best way to do this is to add a zipper to the crotch and rear. About 24" long. You want something that does...

Mike2021, September 30th 2021 11:53:45 pm

@Chloe, @mlurk - As a follow up to OP, I'm trying to make a set of leggings for the wife.  She dislikes the...