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Patterning Catsuit

HI!! I am wanting to do a look of rupaul from the intro of drag race and want to make the catsuit myself with pink latex. I am worried however about patterning it myself. I am an intermediate sewer and have patterned a few things...

LolaLiu, November 1st 2020 2:38:51 pm

That's great you decided to make it by yourself. I think there is no extra special stuff that you might need....

Chloe, October 9th 2020 4:20:52 pm

Hi Ethan,A catsuit is an ambitious project.  I'd recommend either checking out the men's custom-fit catsuit...



can someone make me an item?

I really want this outfit for my wife.Can anyone make it for me?Thanks,Neale.

Chloe, September 4th 2019 3:22:13 pm

Hey HamerXT,You can find that dress for sale...



Attaching latex sheeting to foam board and polyurethane

Hi there! I'm new to the material and was hoping for some guidance for an art project. First, I need to bond latex sheeting to foam board. The latex sheeting would attach to a layer of paper that covers the half-inch thick...

Chloe, August 23rd 2019 9:09:14 am

Weldwood doesn't specifically mention rubber, however, it seems like it might work since it does mention bonding...



Re attaching a bow

I've got a latex bow to reattach to a latex dress what's the best way to do that I'm new to fixing latex

Chloe, August 8th 2019 8:14:31 pm

Hi Iak0pa,You can re-attach a latex bow to a latex garment in a couple different ways.  If you need a...