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How would you make a two-colored cape?

I've previously made a cape for a red-and-black Robin using MJ Trends' two-color latex.But now I'm working on a different Robin, from "Batman Forever", and need to make a cape that's yellow inside, black outside.  Curious...

JP, July 18th 2017 2:37:45 am

Thanks!Lots of threads on here are still useful after a long dormancy, nothing wrong with providing more...

Majinko, July 18th 2017 1:40:06 am

This is amazing!I realized the date on the post after I replied but it still is helpful to those who might be...



Suggestions of glue/adhesive for fixing latex suit?

I recently bought a whole body latex suit, but I accidentally sliced open the left sock, left a relatively big opening, luckily, the shop I bought it from sent a small patch of extra latex along with the suit for fixing purposes...

JP, January 19th 2017 4:23:31 pm

Also, what's the finish on the suit?  If it has been chlorinated, you'll want to carefully sand off the...

JP, January 19th 2017 4:19:45 pm

Either of the adhesives sold here at MJTrends should work.  The solvent-based one is a bit faster, it's what...



Vinyl adhesive?

So I want to make a Super Kinzie cosplay from Saints Row 4, (link to pic: http://assets1.ignimgs.com/vid/thumbnails/user/2013/08/19/SR4_Kinzie_L.jpg) and while I can sew on the pink stripes, the pink fleur-de-lis on the sides of...

coocj, February 24th 2017 2:30:12 am

@Chloe, That's good idea to use vinyl.vinyl lingerie

Chloe, January 16th 2017 12:00:50 pm

The vinyl adhesive will only glue the shiny side to shiny side of the material, so it probably won't work for what...



Recommended glue for cotton-latex bond

Hi everyone!I would like somebody to recommend me a specific brand of glue.I want to add snap closures to latex sheeting. I already have the pliers and everything, just dont know what glue I should use to paste the cotton stripes...

JP, January 22nd 2017 9:48:19 pm

I don't believe an ordinary white school glue wold work -- water-based latex glue looks similar to white glue, but...

DAVID QUINONES, January 19th 2017 8:41:59 pm

Thanks again JP. Do you know of any well known brand I might use from my local store? I had seen in tutorials they...



chair cushions with patent vinyl

I was gifted a set of retro kitchen chairs and table (actually new to look old) and am about to undertake recovering the cushions. Previous owner had cats... enough said.I thought of using the red patent vinyl. I only have an old...