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latex corset

Hello community,I'm new, and my english is not all that brilliant. But that is the only forum like that... so I will try it.I have made already some Latex pieces (underwear, bra, gauntlets, top/ bottom set with a zipper). I will...

majorjam02, April 7th 2023 5:16:08 am

Very nice.

Mahakali, October 7th 2016 9:31:12 am

The fit is very good. For a corset from non stretchy fabric I normally took the Pattern one size bigger and reduce...




Just opened my online store! Fashion Design major~Thank you MJ Trends. Love your latex! XOXOAntrice Allurebound.com

Chloe, September 7th 2016 10:57:35 am

Congrats on your store!



latex pattern - sizing

hi, I'm new to making latex and I'm having a real hard time adjusting regular patterns to latex to fit my body tightly, how much should I reduce from the regular patterns? any advice is appreciated, thanks!

Chloe, September 1st 2016 1:56:10 pm

For areas where you want a tight fit (horizontal measurements like chest, waist, etc) a good rule of thumb...

AllureBound , September 1st 2016 12:39:35 pm

If your using store brought patterns, the easy way~  use knit based designs measure yourself to the...



how would i go about making this it looks fantastic

I'm new to making my own cloths and a saw this pic and wow the patters and ingenuity very impressing. I would really like to learn how to create some thing like this



Please help me find!

Does anyone know where I can get mirror or chrome PVC vinyl?

Chloe, August 8th 2016 11:05:03 am

MJTrends has metallic silver pvc: https://mjtrends.com/products.Silver,PVC,FabricI've never seen chrome /...