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Shaping latex

I’m super new at this, please bare with me.  I’m looking to shape the latex material. Is that possible?  


Response by: Chloe, November 28th 2018 11:42:45 am

Can you be more specific when you say you are trying to "shape" the latex material?  If you are trying to create things like puff cap sleeves or other garments based shapings, then yes - you would create them the same way as with any textile.  However, you glue latex instead of sewing it.

You should check out the tutorials here for help understanding how to work with latex:







Response by: IrishMaster, November 28th 2018 12:51:20 pm

Yes,  shape the latex around the nose when making a hood. 


Newbie and excited 

Response by: Chloe, November 30th 2018 10:23:21 am

Yes, you can create a mask that is shaped to take into account the curvature of a nose.  MJTrends does not currently offer a mask pattern, however, there will be one available within the next couple months.

You can glue latex per any sewing pattern design, therefore, you might be able to find an existing pattern that you can follow.  However, my $0.02 is that if you are new to working with latex, I would advise an easier first project.

A mask will have lots of small curves that are difficult to work with.  An a-line skirt or other project will be much easier and give you the basic skills to try something harder once you have mastered the fundamentals of working with latex.

Response by: IrishMaster, November 30th 2018 12:48:42 pm

Thanks Chloe,  yes. I’m do new that it’s enogh to get me in trouble. Lol. I’m so determined to make a full bodysuit (without feet and hands) and a mask that well practice makes perfect. :).  I super appreciate your input and advise.  I’ve been doing some reaserch for the past month on just buying the material. It seems like there aren’t as many US places to buy from. At any rate MJ has it all, except for the kits, seems they are out of them.  I was looking to go to a tailor and have them take all the measurements so I can purchase the patterns for the body.  

Looking forward to this last week. Lol. 

Thanks again.