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Basic latex set

Hi everyone ,I'm new in this area. I love latex outfits, and i will try to do by myself some outfits. Can you please help with that? I need a basic products lists to start my experiences.Thx and a happy New Year for allPaulo

Ppereira_2017, February 21st 2019 3:11:20 am

Dear Keith,Thanks for your help. Meanwhile i will try to make some experiences then i will update.KissPaulo

keith, February 20th 2019 6:29:16 pm

I use Dawn blue dishwashing soap to clean.For thinner or adhesive remover I use heptane



Shaping latex

I’m super new at this, please bare with me.  I’m looking to shape the latex material. Is that possible?  

IrishMaster, November 30th 2018 12:48:42 pm

Thanks Chloe,  yes. I’m do new that it’s enogh to get me in trouble. Lol. I’m so...

Chloe, November 30th 2018 10:23:21 am

Yes, you can create a mask that is shaped to take into account the curvature of a nose.  MJTrends does not...



Latex vacuum bed

Well I built a vacuum bed week before last. Bed part worked great wife wanted me in it next day with my private parts out so I added a extra peice of latex where I was going to go though at and it busted wide open. :(. So I am...

LatexMister, April 2nd 2022 2:30:06 pm

It is a bit strange to respond to a thread that is nearly four years old but...I have a latex vacuum bed and would...

Chloe, September 4th 2018 12:58:31 pm

IMHO the most commonly used thickness for a vacuum bed is .50mm, and .35mm being a close second.You can use any...



The product become to thick.

The product  become to thick. Is there any way to make it thin. 

Chloe, March 12th 2018 11:47:19 pm

Adnan - presumably you are talking about latex adhesive when you say the product has gotten too thick?  If...