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Ammonia based vs liquid latex

Just a quick question, is liquid latex the same thing as ammonia based latex?



Garter Clips?

Has anyone ordered and used the garter clips from mj? i have had issues in the past with garter lcips not staying in place to hold up stockings, i did find some vintage clips that claim to not have this issue but i was wondering...



Roller dispenser for ammonia-based adhesive

Last month I was getting a bit frustrated laying a smooth, uniform line of adhesive on some really thin sheet.  Possibly because I'd had a bit too much coffee, but I just couldn't keep an even spread without wrinkling the...

shinyskintight, November 24th 2015 12:37:32 pm

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Defineitly looking into getting one of those :)

mythicalgriffons@hotmail.com, November 14th 2015 11:51:36 pm




adhesive question

Hi everyone. I'm petty new to this post. I have a quick question. I got ammonia based adhesive last year from MJT. I did not have time to use it for a while then I start thinking about making my outfits again few weeks ago....

JP, November 13th 2015 9:05:53 pm

If you've already thinned it and it's working well, no need to add ammonia now, but I'd use some next time if you...

norio, November 5th 2015 1:19:25 am

Hi JP. I already add some water in my bottle. It seems OK for now but It sounds like I shoud get ammonia from...



Dry-finish polish for chlorinated latex?

I suspect it doesn't exist, but thought I'd ask.Chlorination gives a slick surface that's as well-polished as the factory finish, which is fine for solid colors but doesn't get the depth of pearlesence of metallic sheet -- to...

DCRubberGuy, December 23rd 2015 2:44:32 am

In my experience any kind of shining product you use on latex is going add a sticky/tacky feeling.Vivishine or an...

Chloe, November 13th 2015 12:11:42 pm

All latex shine that I've ever encountered has been liquid.  You could try to minimize the amount of shine...