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Avoiding metal stains: plastic snaps

Recently decided to make myself a men's dress shirt, but didn't want to worry about metal stains from using brass snaps, or the hassle of getting stainless snaps perfectly set.Diapers to the rescue!  KAM plastic...

Chloe, November 13th 2015 12:20:19 pm

Thanks for passing on that find!  FYI - If you're in a tight spot and all you have are metal buttons, you can...

JP, September 19th 2015 10:21:07 pm

They're also less expensive than metal snaps, and easier to work with.  Wouldn't use them for high-load...



New creation

White latex shirt with zipper and collar.

shinyskintight, September 19th 2015 12:35:55 pm

Looks great! Nice job on the zipper too ;)



new costumer

Create my own latex wear



Good pattern for latex superhero cape?

I have the best wife on Earth, she surprised me this weekend with tickets to the Las Vegas Fetish & Fantasy Ball on Halloween.  She's trying to decide between Batgirl and Catwoman, I'll be Robin, styled based on the 1997...

JP, January 14th 2016 1:36:24 pm

Sorry for the slow reply, but yes, a full cape takes a lot more material than just a flap down your back -- 

H-Sama, December 17th 2015 12:40:56 am

you used 4 yards just for the cape???



begginer that needs help!

hi everyone!im new to the world of latex and trying to find information online is really tricky and im struggling really badly and kind of just need some guidance, im a cosplayer wanting to make some latex clothing like full body...

DCRubberGuy, December 11th 2015 5:34:40 am

The painters tape is what I use. It allows you to be able to move your pieces around if need be. Another thing I...

wickednavi, September 24th 2015 2:33:44 am

This was a good find here, saves me a few questions I was going to ask.