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VacBed Construction

Morning.I'm going to be creating a latex vacbed shortly but I had a question that I can't seem to find the answer to on the web.When building the PVC frame, how should I attach the latex sleeve to the PVC frame penetration(where...

D3monic1, November 3rd 2018 1:23:15 pm

For breathing tubes I use a circular hole punch made for leatherworking.  Make a round patch slightly larger...

Chloe, January 24th 2018 9:59:52 am

I've seen several vacbeds that use a reinforced hole for the breathing hole. If you cut a slit, it is very likely...



Latex bodysuit

hello , is someone out there that could craft a male bodysuit for me with this sheet color?: https://mjtrends.com/products.Sky,.20mm,Latex-Sheeting#.WdFJHluPIdU , i realy need this but its impossible for me coz the latex...

merri11, December 11th 2018 7:52:29 am

I pretty sure guys at https://www.rubberloft.com/ can help you out. As far as I know besides selling already made...

fjankovich, October 2nd 2017 9:20:11 pm

I have done several catsuits, different styles.



Balloon made of latex sheets?

I know this website deals largely with making clothing and perhaps accessories, but could the materials sold here be used to also make a giant balloon?I'm pretty new to this idea of crafting stuff, as I don't have much...

Latrion, September 25th 2017 4:10:13 pm

Thank you for the advice, Chloe! Greatly appreciated

Chloe, September 25th 2017 10:36:58 am

You can create a balloon from latex sheeting.  If you've never worked with latex before I'd recommend taking...




is anybody tryed to make a (men) thong in latex?

BrendaSchaper, May 18th 2019 12:54:02 pm

When using PVC/Vinyl, I put a sticker under my presser foot to keep fabric from pulling, works great but sticker...

BrendaSchaper, May 18th 2019 12:50:12 pm

Oh!  I make thongs all the time.  They are so easy.



Cleaning Silicone lubricant off of Latex

How can Silicone lubricant be cleaned off of latex to make sure there is a Clean latex to re-glue the seams? I was thinking of acetone, but not sure if it will take all of the silicone off so that I can repair seams that came...

Charli, July 18th 2017 1:03:40 am

Thank you for the information.

JP, July 18th 2017 12:41:36 am

Testing on scraps, xylene doesn't appear to weaken the latex after it evaporates and the swelling goes down, it's...