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Weather help

Do this product help with rain and weather on a screen porch. I'm looking for blinds, etc. that might be used to keep rain from ruining my screen porch...

latexgirl, May 5th 2014 8:37:56 pm

Look for Bianca Catsuit...She used to photoshoot in the sea,so its waterproofand made for outdoor use.LatexGirl

guest, November 30th 2006 7:28:27 am

If you are looking for a fabric to use in a weather application I suggest using "Sunbrella" and spraying a fabric...




I'm making a costume for a friend out of PVC for a convention later this year. I didn't think that pinning it would be a good idea, so I decided to come here to ask. What would be the best option for keeping peices attatched?...

guest, October 26th 2005 4:43:01 pm

Hey there Jake........Ive been sewing PVC for a few years and I rekon... :-) if you have 1cm seams try pining it...



translucent white and medical PVC

Hi, I am looking for any PVC ou vinyl fabric that can be use with a fluorescent lightning to make a diffusion box. The material as to be soft, stretch, white translucent and matte. Any idea where I can find this? which company...



pvc for dance costume?

I was just wondering if pvc would be good for a dance costume? I am a dancer, and i'd like to make my pants with pvc. But i have to do a split! Now thats the problem; will the pvc survive the split, and would it be good material...

scarletonthetile, May 3rd 2014 9:15:46 pm

4 way stretch PVC would be best for a dance costume. I made a full bodysuit out of it and it was actually quite...

guest, June 23rd 2005 10:50:44 pm

well if you plan on doing the splits, i would suggest making it out of the stretch pvc. although from my...



Sewing pvc

I'm new to sewing pvc fabric, and I'm having some trouble hemming the skirts that I've made. I keep getting like a ripple in the hem. Like the fabric is twisting or something. Can someone recommend to me a method to keep this...

guest, October 26th 2005 4:59:47 pm

I also use paper/tissue - it is excellent! I get other sewers shaking their heads but if it works!! I like the...

guest, January 3rd 2005 3:26:55 pm

The Best method I found for hemming or even sewing with PVS is to use tissue paper as an intermeadiary as someone...